Tyler County Churches

The below list is only a partial listing of Tyler County Cemeteries. We will continue to add them as they are made known to us. If you know of a cemetery not listed here, please send us the name and location so that we may post it here.  We are especially interested in locating cemeteries on private land so they will not become lost.  If the cemetery name is hyperlinked, click on it and it will take you to the compilation done on that cemetery. If you have done a compilation of a cemetery and would like to share it, please send it to us so that we may also post that here.


Feature Name                                   Latitude    Longitude     Ele(ft)    Location

Antioch Church                                  304653N    0941628W    272    Birdwell Lake

Barlow Chapel                                   305014N    0942314W    305    Woodville

Beech Creek Church                          304135N    0941330W    223    Spurger

Bethany Church                                 305330N    0942853W    308    Colmesneil

East Chapel                                       304143N    0941652W    217    Kirkpatrick Lake

Ebenezer Church                                305203N    0941658W    151    Birdwell Lake

Egypt Church                                     305212N    0942351W    272    Woodville

Enon Church                                      305754N    0943319W    256    Chester

Fairview Church                                 304853N    0941221W    207    Town Bluff

Faith Lutheran Church                        304625N    0942519W    249    Woodville

Fellowship Church                             303858N    0942723W    220    Hillister

Franks Branch Church                        303334N    0941044W    108    Fred

Hampton Church                                305545N    0943730W    308    Chester

Harmony Church                                304330N    0942937W    282    Hillister

Hebron Church                                  303318N    0943044W    148    Jacks Creek South

Hicksbaugh Church                            303423N    0942117W    125    Hicksbaugh

Holly Fork Church                              305501N    0941521W    253    Boggy Lake

Hopewell Church                                304929N    0941921W   253    Birdwell Lake

Little Church                                       303940N    0942051W    171    Kirkpatrick Lake

Little Flock Church                             303933N    0942042W    161    Kirkpatrick Lake

Mann Chapel                                      305355N    0942830W    312    Colmesneil

Midway Church                                  303442N    0941524W    125    Hicksbaugh

Mill Creek Church                              303224N    0942356W    108    Warren

Moss Hill Church                                304816N    0942145W    328    Birdwell Lake

Mount Carmel Church                         305830N    0941551W    184    Boggy Lake

Mount Hope Church                           305730N    0943447W    226    Chester

Mount Nebo Church                           303334N    0941335W    125    Fred

Mount Zion Church                            305341N    0943412W    279    Chester

New Hope Church                             303646N    0941755W    141    Hicksbaugh

New Shady Grove Church                  304848N    0941959W    289    Birdwell Lake

New Shiloh Church                             304706N    0943028W    420    Chambliss Hill

Oak Grove Church                             303619N    0941030W    115    Fred

Oak Grove Church                             305730N    0942109W    377    Boggy Lake

Our Lady of Pines Catholic Church     304729N    0942609W    331    Woodville

Pineville Church                                  303306N    0941933W    112    Hicksbaugh

Rocky Springs Church                        310044N    0941837W    207    Boykin Spring

Seamans Chapel                                 305752N    0943208W    331    Chester

Shady Grove Church                          304649N    0943409W    404    Chambliss Hill

Shiloh Church                                     304838N    0943050W    351    Chambliss Hill

Spring Hill Church                               304422N    0942115W    305    Kirkpatrick Lake

Sunnydell Church                                305638N    0942753W    233    Colmesneil

True Gospel Holiness Church              304617N    0942446W    243    Woodville

United Church                                     303400N    0940952W    125    Fred

Victory Baptist Church                        304632N    0942110W    233    Birdwell Lake

Whites Chapel Church                        304617N    0942446W    243    Woodville

Woodville United Methodist Church    304631N    0942510W    269    Woodville

* Churches and information supplied by valued contributors and visitors of this website.

The above list was downloaded from the GNIS On-line Data Base, with the exception of any additions we have made (additions noted with an asterik). If you know of any additions, please send them to us with as much detail as you can (like directions, etc).

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